Top Fitness Tech Items of 2020


Keeping ourselves fit and healthy is of the utmost importance. One way to achieve good health is by staying active and fit aside from having a balanced diet. However, going to the gyms and fitness centers have changed nowadays as the pandemic is going on. But don’t worry about various fitness tech items you can use while staying at home to stay fit. Some gadgets are lifesavers when it comes to health and fitness care.

If you’ve been continuously looking at screens and working from home in bed or in front of a desk, a massager will come in handy. Consider adding Foreo’s eye massager to your self-care kit if your eyes are feeling exhausted from staring into computer and phone screens.

Luckily, there is an excess of fitness gadgets that can optimize your workouts and help you live a healthier life even if you are in self-isolation at home. A study revealed that fitness techs effectively increase physical activity among unmotivated adults within a month. 

Fitness gadgets are not only useful in motivating people to get moving, but they’re also effective at monitoring heart rate, inspiring people to start eating healthy, establishing and achieving personal fitness goals, connecting individuals, and tracking sleep.

YogiFi Series-1 (Pro) Intelligent Yoga Mat

YogiFi Series-1 is an intelligent yoga mat that takes yoga sessions to the subsequent level. YogiFi uses artificial intelligence to promote expertly designed fitness programs based on the user’s abilities and goals. The yoga mat communicates with your phone or other smart devices and uses built-in pressure sensors to give step-by-step instructions and real-time posture corrections. You can choose from at-home YogiFi routines or join a live session with a yoga tutor through YogiFi Digital. This mat has a therapeutic aroma dispenser that carries scents into the air around you as you flow and a projector that encircles you with exciting landscapes, like a rain forest, the Himalayan mountains, and beaches. 


Having a proper running technique can reduce your risk of injury and help boost your speed, whether you’re a beginner or a daily runner. NURVV Run’s technology utilizes biomechanics to collect data on your foot strike, step length, asymmetry, and pronation from their unique insole solution. Their coaching app also analyzes the data and gives you insightful tips on how to balance your training.

Hydrow Live Outdoor Reality Rower

Without ever leaving your home, row your way down the river with this tech. The Hydrow indoor rower highlights a 22-inch high-tech touch screen and speakers that engage you in the adventure of rowing in the outdoors. Pick from any of Hydrow’s hundreds of on-demand and live workouts. You’ll get realistic-sounding splashes, clear instructions, and high-energy music. While the seat is cushioned for maximum comfort and support, the machine itself is designed so each stroke is smooth and virtually silent. The electromagnetic resistance, computer-controlled, allows you to quickly adjust the resistance at any point in your workout. Hydrow also includes strength-training exercises, yoga, Pilates designed to complement your rowing workouts.

Whoop Band

The Whoop-wristband gathers data on your heart rate, sleep cycles, calories burned, and heart rate variability. You can start by signing up for a membership of $30 per month with a minimum six-month commitment, and you can access real-time courses to help you train smarter, sleep better, and recover faster. The Strain Coach feature uses an algorithm at the beginning of your workout to see how ready you are for training. Then it shows you in real-time when to push harder or stop. When you go to sleep, your strain measurement restarts every day and is determined by how much time you experience and spend in the heart rate zone. In the Whoop app, you can monitor courses over time to identify healthy and unhealthy habits that impact your body’s growth and stress levels.

Hyperice Hypervolt

The Hyperice Hypervolt is a machine that sends slow or rapid blowouts of pressure through its head to help with range of motion and circulation, relieve muscle soreness, and improve workout recovery. Hold it against your skin and rub it over muscle groups. Apply as much or as little — pressure as you need. You can choose from five attachments like forked, rounded, or flat to hone in on smaller or hit larger areas harder-to-reach spots. There are three speeds to customize your massage experience further. 

Mirror At-Home Virtual Trainer

Mirror virtual trainer offers an immersive at-home workout experience. Just like a full-length mirror, this 40-inch high-definition display, once it’s turned on, the screen becomes a personal fitness trainer, studio, and tracker in one. To access classes, you need a monthly membership of $39 with a minimum one-year commitment per month for up to six users. You can still choose from any of Mirror’s 10,000-plus on-demand classes as a member, including Pilates, barre, boxing, and cardio boot camp. 

You can also join 70 weekly live courses or sign up for personal training sessions with Mirror trainers; one or more sessions are an extra $40. The microphone and camera are embedded in the display switch so the trainer can hear and see you during the session. Connect your Apple Watch or Bluetooth heart rate monitor to the Mirror to track your heart rate in real-time, and choose from curated playlists or sync your Spotify account to add a soundtrack. Mirror also added Family workout classes so that the entire family can get together. 

Fitbit Charge 4

Charge 4 is Fitbit’s most advanced and smart tracker is slick and swim-proof. The Fitbit Charge 4, with built-in GPS, Spotify, and Fitbit Pay capabilities, is a must-have for swimmers, cyclists, and trail runners looking to monitor their distances, without the cumbersome kit. The new Active Zone system will automatically reward and detect double credit users for staying in their best performance zones.

Tangram skipping rope

The smart Tangram skipping rope is far from vintage playground toy features magnetic sensors and 23 LEDs to track your workouts, log your data in real-time, and monitor your calorie burn.

Freetrain V1 Vest

Freetrain’s V1 is a streamlined and breathable running vest. Its front pocket nails the essential carrying weight distribution as the balance is the key to preventing injuries. It also enables you to access your device to quickly check progress, answer a call, or change a song without breaking stride.

Final Thoughts

Not all fitness gadgets are created equal. To ensure that you can get the right one that applies to your specific needs, read the above techs’ specifications of the best fitness techs available in 2020. With the best fitness gadget, you can easily attain a healthy lifestyle alongside perseverance and discipline. 


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