Fitness Challenges That Are Totally Doable


The following are challenges that could assist in building the individual’s confidence and entice the individual to exercise on a more consistent basis. They may even assist in reducing stress and might even help with weight loss.

30 Days Fitness Challenge

Out of all the items that an individual takes care of, the smartphone is one of the highest-ranking in the list of priorities. Due to the fact that it connects the individual to their family and friends and the numerous feeds. It is also a source of entertainment and the host to all the emails. The 30 Days Fitness Challenge is a free app that encourages the individual to maintain a work routine each day. It makes attaining that goal even much easier. Depending on if the individual is seeking to tone their entire body or concentrate on abs, arms, or glutes, there is a selectable program that matches every need. If the person is new to working out, that is not a problem; the program has levels ranging from easy to hard, along with hands-on instructions. Although each workout session takes less than fifteen minutes, it is adequate to encourage individuals to head to the gym.


Remaining physically active is indispensable to health. It is recommended that individuals be active 150 minutes each week. However, what is consumed is just as vital, if not more. The problem several individuals face is determining their specific weakness areas in their habits of eating. Whole30 is an application that eliminates sugar, alcohol, legumes, soy, gluten, and dairy for thirty days. It could be a tad tricky to follow as several foods consist of hidden ingredients. However, once the 30 days have been completed, individuals slowly add back such foods in order to ascertain how the body responds. Individuals are able to shape their meals and avoid dairy when armed with this information, especially if it causes bloating. Or if the gluten is not settling well in the stomach, or if any other food is resulting in issues.


A little meditation could really be a game-changer, believe it or not. It could actually be great for mental and physical health. A study conducted in 2014 discovered that twenty-five minutes of meditation, three consecutive days, seemed to have an effect on the levels of stress. There are countless apps such as Calm and Headspace that provide challenges that aim at inspiring individuals to add meditation to their regimen. Even if twenty-five minutes in a day is too much, try implementing a meditation practice prior to bedtime, in order to improve on sleep and reduce levels of stress.

Pinterest Targeted Challenges

In the event that the individual is a new parent or an extremely busy professional, or if gym sessions are not your thing. An at-home fitness challenge might just be the optimal thing for the individual. Once Pinterest is searched, individuals will uncover amply targeted challenges which will assist in allowing individuals to squat deeper. Or they may want to be able to plank longer, or even enhance the lift of their buttocks. Several of these challenges were developed by trainers and will not take up much time, as they last no more than ten minutes. What is more, is that they could encourage the individual to attempt other ways of becoming fit.


Although technically this is not a challenge, Aaptiv is an excellent option for an exercise enthusiast. One that is seasoned and already knows how to uppercut, hook, cross, jab, high knee, mountain climbers, and burpee. With a variety of fitness and workout levels, Aaptiv is an audio-only instructive application. It allows the individual to remain focused while perfecting their form. Think about encouraging a couple of your friends to become members as well, so that all of you might be able to work out together in the comfort of your own homes. You will also be able to make one another accountable for the daily workouts.

Kayla Itsines Challenge

What began as a social media account has developed into a very wide variety of workouts. It has meal recommendations, workouts, and other useful advice. There is hardly any need for equipment and individuals could complete all of the workouts. They should see changes in a few weeks. It is excellent for novices to fitness and travelers who are serious about working out.

Daily Burn

Particularly for those that work from home, or travel a lot for work, or wrangle children 24/7, online workouts make fitting in exercise a bit less stressful. In the event that individuals become bored looking for countless videos in an effort to find what works. They should look up Daily Burn. They will receive a customized workout plan depending on their goals, opportunity to purchase equipment, plus other features. Not to mention the live workout session every morning.


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