Top Free Weight Exercises for Women


The term free weights is quite misleading for many of those who are not much into workouts and gyms. Its exact meaning is any kind of weight- dumbbells, barbells, sandbells, medicine balls, and kettlebells over which you have complete control of pace, the purpose of use, and movement is known as free weight and not a spare bunch of barbells. You might be wondering how head-scratching it is to plan a workout- the kind of exercises, time duration, and set for each, the weight to be used, and many more questions like these are likely to arise in your mind. Read on to get to the answers. Here are some of the best free weight exercises that will shape, define, and sculpt a strong and healthy body. 

Single Arm Row

For this, you will need a bench or any surface of knee-length height. Your right hand and right knee will rest on the bench while the left foot will be spread wide. Hold the dumbbell in your left hand, which should hang down. Make sure that your back is in a neutral position and relaxed. All you have to do is drive your left elbow up till your torso and bring it back down. Do it 8-10 times, then take a rest for 90 seconds, repeat it with the same hand, and then after completing two sets, you have to do the whole thing with the other hand as well. This exercise focuses on strengthening your back and biceps. 

Dumbbell Chest Press

The main targets of this exercise are the chest and triceps. For this, lie down flat on a bench. You have to hold the dumbbells in your hands straight up to your chest and arms fully open. Now, slowly bend the elbows and bring the dumbbells down to either side of your chest. Without pausing even for a second, take the dumbbell back up. You can do it 13-15 times at once and then take a break. Three sets like these would be more than sufficient to get strong triceps and a broader chest. This is one of the most common free weight exercises among women who wish to have a fit body. 

Split Squat

To start with, you will need a step. Keep one foot raised on the step and another one on the floor. Hips and knees face forward while you stride down the leg, which is behind, and bend the knee of the leg, which rests on the step. In other words, you are required to lunge forward very slowly and gracefully. This is not all, the exercise has to be done while you hold a dumbbell in both your hands. Now, without pausing, go back to the position you started from, swap legs, and repeat everything. Do it 12-13 times and three sets overall. This exercise aims to target adductors, glutes, and quads. 

Seated Shoulder Press

First, you have to decide upon the weight of the dumbbell you will be using. This is determined by the number of reps you do at a time. If you are able to do it only 11 times, use a lighter weight, and if you easily reach 15, you need a heavier weight. The complete routine involves three sets comprising 13-15 reps each set, targeting your shoulders in particular. Sit straight on a bench holding the dumbbells in your hands, which are stretched straight up above your head. Slowly bend your elbows and bring the dumbbells down, up to the level of your shoulders. Drive back again to the start position without stopping in between, even for a nanosecond. 

Hip Thrust

The main focus of this exercise is its impact on the hips. For this, the recommendation is to use either a 20kg barbell or a 5kg weight on each of the sides if you don’t have a barbell. You can get perfect glutes in only three sets of this exercise daily, where each set should have 15-20 reps as per your capacity. Use a step or a bench and keep your back against it while you sit. Roll the barbell in front of your hips. Now you are in a position where your knees are bent, and shoulders are lying on the bench. Now, remaining in the same position, you have to force your hips upwards away from the floor until your back is perfectly parallel to the ground and makes a 90-degree angle at the point where your knee is bent. Now, bring your hips back down to the floor, and one rep completes here. Begin with the other. 


Doing it 10-12 times a set, a total of three sets would be enough to target your back, glutes, and hamstrings accurately. You will just need the Olympic bar and remove weights if any. Stand straight with your feet kept hip-width apart. The Olympic rod should be held on the floor in front of you. Bend down and grip the rod with your hands placed a little wider than your feet. While you bend, make sure that your back is flat, chest up, and only the bottom portion is lower. Now, stand up straight with your hands down and shoulders back. The bar should not be far from your body. Keep it down again, and do not forget to maintain your back flat. Instead of the Olympic rod, dumbbells or kettlebells can also be used as an alternative for the same exercise. 


First of all, you will need a step. It is your own choice to do the exercise with or without the dumbbells. Now, to begin with, the exercise places your weaker leg on the step. Step onto it with the other leg also. Without stopping, get down by bringing the same leg back to the floor. All you have to do is keep your one leg fixed on the step and climb up and down with another. After doing this 10 to 12 times, you can switch the legs. You are required to do three sets for each leg, and each set should comprise 10 to 12 reps. These steps will target your glutes and legs. 

Seated Bicep Curls

Last but not least are the seated bicep curls to target your biceps. Do these ten times at a stretch, then take a break and begin again. Three sets would be enough. Stay straight on a bench holding dumbbells in your hands in such a way that your palms face forward. All you have to do is bend your arms at the elbow bringing the dumbbells towards your shoulders. Make sure that your shoulders are still and back. Slowly bring the dumbbells back down at the start position and again take it up while not locking your elbows when the dumbbells are down.



Now that you know about various free weight exercises you can do, and each’s benefit, it is time to get started. Wake up early and start your day with these workouts to keep yourself active and charged up for the whole day. Moreover, some other benefits that a person derives from these exercises include boosting the density of bones, building lean muscles, enhancing hormonal health, maintaining blood pressure, bringing down cholesterol levels, and stabilizing blood sugar levels. 


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