8 Clues You Are Fitter Than You Think


It is very easy to start feeling intimidated when colleagues run 10Ks or full marathons, or Facebook provides feeds of Tough Mudder and CrossFit, or the local gym is full of toned bodies. However, several of the everyday habits and chores could signal that individuals are stronger than they actually think they are. If the individual’s answer is yes to below subtle signs of fitness and strength. They might be fitter than they give themselves credit for. This could even motivate the individual to continue going.

Is Your Work Bag Full?

In the event that the individual believes that lifting ten-pound weights sounds impossible, then they should weigh their work bag, handbag, or any other bag they frequently tote around. When these weights are combined they can actually total as much as fifteen pounds. What is more, now consider how far they are carried around, up and downstairs, across parking lots, in and outbuildings. When the individual converts that to focused strength work, they are actually really strong.

Able To Climb In & Out Of Your Vehicle Without Pain?

This is a movement that is derived straight from a basic squat motion, which starts to become harder as individuals become older. In the event that the individual is in a low to the ground vehicle, they are constantly performing a deep squat in order to exit. Persons that are tall usually sit in a position that their butt is below their knees. Therefore, when they want to get in and out of their vehicles, as many as four or more times during the day. That is a great indicator that their knees are very healthy.

Able To Stand In Line Without Shifting Weight?

In professional circles, this is what is known as functional flexibility. The majority of individuals due to the fact that they spend so much time sitting and probably hunched, develop chronically tight hips. As these individuals process to stand and straighten themselves, it results in serious pain. Therefore, if the individual is able to stand waiting for a table at a restaurant, or in line for the cashier at the supermarket, or in a relatively short meeting. All without shifting their body weight from side to side and they do not suffer from lower back pain, they are better off than the majority of individuals out there.

Ability To Heave Luggage While Traveling

Lifting a suitcase up onto the checked baggage conveyor, retrieving the bags from the carousel after landing, storing a carry-on in the overhead. Each one of these movements indicates a great muscle tone.

Shopping Without The Need To Take A Break

Most individuals have bought items from the supermarket and then had to walk with them back to the vehicle in the parking lot. All without walking with a shopping cart. This is a serious effort that needs to be recognized. Simply pushing a heavy shopping cart without becoming out of breath should also signify that the individual is in good shape. What is more, are you able to lift all the shopping bags from the truck of the vehicle to the counter in the kitchen? Without having to stop for a breath or without panting or puffing. This is yet another indicator of cardiovascular fitness and strength.

Ability To Take Laundry Downstairs

Walking down the stairs with a full load of laundry in hand is a great indicator of balance. When individuals were younger they had great control and deceleration, however, this becomes more difficult with age. This is the reason why individuals fall and fracture hips. As individuals are walking down the stairs, there is plenty that is happening internally in order to ensure the body remains in control.

In the event that something big is being carried, which might be awkward holding, such as laundry, the individual does not have sight of the final step. This allows us to land safely without exerting too much force. Therefore, this workout is a great test for how well the body is able to compensate.

Capable Of Balancing Child On The Hip

Sometimes it could be very funny to hear someone say, they are unable to lift a specific amount of weight. You have to ask them how much do their children weigh. Lifting a child that weighs thirty pounds is the equivalent of lifting a forty-five-pound dumbbell. This is due to the fact that the child will be restless and squirming. When lifting the weight, the individual is able to focus their exertion and set their core as the weight will not move around on them. In order to avoid back pain and to increase strength, switch the side of the body the child is carried on.

Ability To Keep Up With Children On Playground

How individuals spend their time on the playground says a lot about their level of fitness. Are they able to climb the stairs on the top of the slide? This displays cardiovascular fitness. Are they able to hoist their children so that they can grab hold of the monkey bars? This displays strength. Are they able to follow behind their children on the balance beam? This is a great sign of balance.


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