7 Ways To Improve Your Physical Fitness In 30 Days Or Less

Unfortunately there are several false promises out there that use words like ‘guarantee’ or ‘promise’ you will lose weight in 30 days or less. While it is easy to fall into these traps there are proven methods that will at least improve your physical fitness in 30 days or less, even if you don’t quite reach your targeted weight by then:

#1: Begin with Short & Simple Workouts

Cardio activities are the best way to get back into shape and improve physical fitness. But you can’t overdo it, especially in the beginning. Therefore, make it a point to start out short and simple, slowing increasing time of the workout and complexity.

#2: Clean Up Your Diet

Diet plays a gigantic role in improved overall health, but it is also important to remember that it is not everything. Also, make sure you execute a smart diet program and do not buy into some of the common myths related to dieting.

#3: Do Not Let Exercise Drag You Down

Unfortunately the common believe is that all exercise is dull and time-consuming. Not so. Do you like to play basketball? Tennis? Ride a bicycle? All of these sports also double as cardiovascular activities and you will enjoy participating in them far more than your standard workout.

#4: Incorporate Interval Training

Interval training alternates between low and high exertion levels eventually leading to improved physical fitness that especially targets the heart and lungs. Interval workouts also burn more fat in less time, ideal for the ’30 days or less’ mentality.

#5: Strength Training is Another Factor

Even if your only goal is to lose weight do not ignore weight training at least twice a week. Strength training tones your muscles and helps contribute to an overall healthier appearance. Muscles also help make your body work operate more efficiently.

#6: Constantly Educate Yourself

It seems like every week new discoveries are being made in the health and wellness industry. New fitness programs are constantly being announced (some of which are legit, others more debatable). If you are taking your personal fitness seriously also take the time to keep yourself educated.

#7: Establish Goals & Reward Yourself

You’ve probably heard countless times how you need to set goals, but that is only half of the point. You should not only set realistic and attainable goals but also reward yourself when goals are accomplished. It will only motivate you further to continue on the right track!