7 Myths You Need To Be Aware Of Regarding Weight Loss

There is a reason why the fitness and diet industry is worth billions of dollars: there are a lot of us that are currently unhappy with our body. Unfortunately, a lot of myths exist out there regarding weight loss:

#1: Calories are Equal

It seems simple: more calories burned than consumed creates a deficiency amounting to weight loss. True to an extent, but also avoid the misconception that all calories are equal in terms of energy content. Different foods go through different metabolic pathways and can have vastly different effects on hunger and body weight. For example, carbs and fat are mostly unwanted calories while those from protein are highly beneficial.

#2: Losing Weight Happens Overnight

You should always be wary of any program that guarantees instant results. The truth is losing weight is not linear as some weeks you lose some weeks you gain. Even if you are doing everything right (eating healthy, exercising, etc) it is perfectly normal for body weight to fluctuate and is even more pronounced in women.

#3: You Can Control Your Weight

While a well planned diet and workout program will help 100 percent of weight loss is not associated with sheer willpower. Genetics play a role in obesity as well as medical conditions. It is time you face it: some factors that play into weight loss are beyond your control.

#4: Fat Makes You Fat

Body fat is stored fat, but it is not that simple. As long as the calories are reasonable, it is perfectly normal to consume some foods with fat and not see a gigantic weight increase. Furthermore, there are even some diets in existence that are high in fat but low in carbs. Unfortunately is, and never was all that simple.

#5: Fast Food is Awful

True, the majority of fast food is fattening and not all that great for your overall health. However, saying that you can never eat fast food again is misguided. Fast food is starting to reassess their menus for healthier alternatives and some chains even specialize in it.

#6: Diets Always Cure Weight Loss

Fact: A well rounded diet will help with weight loss. Another fact: An astronomical percentage of people that try a diet and lose weight (85 percent to be exact), gain it back within a year. Consequently, you are misguided if you believe that eating healthy for a short-term will keep you slim and trim forever.

#7: Your Appearance Automatically Gauges How Healthy You Are

Once again it is a major misconception. Yes, obesity is linked to several chronic diseases. However, people that are thin are not guaranteed automatic good health. The best you can do is exercise regularly, keep the mind active, soul happy and eat as healthy as possible.