6 Things Personal Trainers Wish You Understood About Fitness

There’s a personal trainer in each one of us. He is untrained, unqualified, and inexperienced. But he is doing well now thanks to his daily interactions with fitness influencers on YouTube and Instagram. A professional personal trainer might be out of our budget, but our inner personal trainer will let us practice every technique and workout he bookmarks every day. He just keeps us going. If you are working out without the guidance of a personal trainer, you’re not alone. A lot of people don’t work with a personal trainer because they can’t find someone appropriate or affordable. There is another group though that will not engage a personal trainer just because they think it’s a waste of money, and its possible to get in shape faster without the restrictions that trainers place on you.

#1: There Are No Quick Fixes

Motivation can only get so far. But if you’re expecting to change half a life of zero exercise and shiploads of unhealthy food, 10 days of working out won’t change it. Even with a personal trainer. You need to change your lifestyle, more than you need motivation to hit the gym regularly. Make small changes and do them for a long time. And a long time doesn’t mean a few days. It means till it becomes a lifestyle.

#2: 70% Of Your Goal Body Starts In The Kitchen

Most overweight people think they need to find and follow some ‘magic’ diet to lose weight. It is a myth. The truth is that losing weight has very little to do with working out. It demands that you change your eating habits. Give up sugar. Give up alcohol. Then start eating moderate food portions. Stick to that. You need to teach your body to eat less. That’s the ‘magic’ mantra.

#3: Consistency Trumps Intensity

Learning consistency is harder than intensity. Think of it like being that quiet guy in the gym who has been working out regularly for years, is almost a personal trainer in his own right, but doesn’t keep interfering to offer advice to others. Then there is another guy who is ego-lifting all the time, has bulked up disproportionately, and always knows the ‘better technique’ of doing everything. Don’t be that guy. Bring discipline into your life. And stick to the basics. Keep doing them right.

#4: You Can’t Control Where You Lose Fat

Just stop going by online videos or tutorials that promise to help you lose belly fat or love handles. Localized body fat reduction is a myth. An effort at localized body fat reduction will only end up in you getting semi-ripped, but still a little saggy in your fatter parts. And then, you’ll need to shed weight to get in shape. What was the point? You can’t control where you will lose fat when you start working out. You can only control where you will gain muscle. Your genetics determine where and how fast you will lose fat.

#5: Don’t Make It Complicated

You don’t need to spend several hours five days a week at the gym to get in shape. You don’t need super foods. Just eat healthy and try to consume a variety of foods. Don’t try to work out like a pro or a bodybuilder if you’re new to it. Take it slow. Find an activity like kickboxing or yoga that you really enjoy doing. Be consistent with it. Stop worrying about what happens when you take a break to attend a wedding or take a vacation. Just do it and return to your old schedule.

#6: Injured? Stop Immediately

If you ever hurt your back or neck (the spine, that is) stop working out immediately and visit a doctor. Don’t ignore it even if the pain subsides. Even fitness veterans have ended up destroying their lives for the sake of ego lifting. Remember this: if you ever hurt your back in a major way (due to bad form or machine, or because you ignored the early signs of an injury), it will never get better. A lot of people glorify the gym life. They talk about sacrifice, no pain-no gain, and a whole lot of tripe that you don’t need. Moderate, consistent changes to your lifestyle and workout routine is the better man’s way of achieving the results he wants, without overdoing it.

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