5 Benefits of Interval Training


Are you serious about accomplishing your fitness goals in a short span of time? Have you been working out consistently but not seeing the results you want? Do you find it challenging to work out for long hours every day? If the answer to all these questions is “yes,” It is about time you try High-Intensity Interval Training.

The interval training method works by focusing on a short span of high-intensity workout, followed by a recovery period of mild activity. This variation of intensity in the workout allows you to get the benefits of both aerobic and anaerobic training. Overtime, interval training not only improves your stamina and speed but can also bring some long term benefits to your overall fitness. Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of interval training.

You Lose Weight Faster

If you look at the speed at which you can lose weight, nothing can beat interval training. By going through a period of intense effort, you not only allow your body to lose more calories but also make it more difficult to recover. The only benefit of this slow recovery is that your body will continue to lose weight as it recovers. So in the 24-hour following an interval workout, your body loses more calories compared to any other type of workout.

Interval Training is More Efficient

Interval training is perhaps the most efficient form of cardio workout. According to research, less than 30 minutes of interval training (27 minutes to be exact), thrice a week can result in the same fitness level at a 60-minute regular cardio workout performed five times a week. So interval training allows you to accomplish your fitness goals more efficiently.


A Happier You

Though your body works hard as you go for an interval workout(and some of you may feel like crying due to body aches after a first few sessions), what happens inside your body is a different phenomenon. During a period of interval training, your brain produces endorphins, also known as the happiness hormone. So if you really want to experience what a runner’s high feels like, try interval training.

Leads to a Healthier Heart

While you might feel your heart pumping really fast while you go for an interval training session, it actually improves your cardiac health. According to research, interval training increases the amount of blood that your heart pumps to the body per beat. As a result, it helps reduce strain from your heart and decreases the risk of both cardiac diseases and high blood pressure.


No Extra Equipment

Ready for an interval training workout? You don’t need anything extra; no training equipment, no extra weights, and no new skills. All you need is more physical effort!

Interval training seems to be difficult, but the extra amount of effort you put in is sure to bring some lasting benefits for your overall health and fitness. It improves your cardiac health, general fitness, keeps you happier and helps lose weight faster. And all these benefits come quickly, without investing in any training equipment. We have only highlighted 5 of the many benefits of interval training above, and if you are still not convinced, you better give it a try!


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